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Where Al Stands
for Florida

Restoring Freedom
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Strengthening Our Economy and Fighting Runaway Inflation

Central Florida families are feeling the pinch to their wallet everywhere: at the gas pump, buying food, housing and rent, etc. President Biden has failed working families as inflation has increased at the highest level in 40 years. Without a change in fiscal policy, our families will be unable to keep up.

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Championing America’s Energy Independence

Under President Trump, America was energy independent. But now, under the failed leadership of President Joe Biden and Speaker Pelosi, Americans are paying more at the pump than ever before. Biden has proven he is more beholden to liberal ideology than helping everyday Americans simply fill their gas tank, and he would rather import oil from rogue nations rather than unleash America’s energy potential.

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Strengthening Foreign Policy

America must lead through a position of strength to support democracy and freedom. President Biden’s reckless and clumsy withdrawal in Afghanistan gave the impression of weakness and emboldened our enemies to test our resolve. Al learned firsthand. In 2014, Al was assigned to U.S. Central Command and asked to shut down the most important Air Force base in the region, Manas Air Base. And with Joe Biden’s failed withdrawal from Afghanistan, Al knew that he had to step forward one more time in defense of his Country.

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Teaching Our Children

We need to teach our children to love America. Al believes we need to fight against the “woke elitists” that are pushing critical race theory on our children. Our schools should focus on promoting the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and our founding fathers.

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Securing Our Elections

Election integrity is about protecting voters. It’s not about party line issues or concerns. Al wants to promote dependable and trusted USPS services with our election offices. He will fight for advanced quality assurance and legal compliance programs to maintain reliability. On Day 1 in Congress, Al will introduce legislation to mandate Voter ID at every polling location across America. We must fight the radical left’s attempts to steal elections.